Paws Between Homes provides temporary foster homes for Atlanta pets

Published: Jan. 4, 2023 at 6:03 PM EST
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ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) - As rent, groceries, and gas prices rise across the Atlanta metro, a nonprofit provides temporary relief for hundreds of overwhelmed pet owners.

Paws Between Homes connects people facing displacement, homelessness, or uncertain housing circumstances with foster families for their pets.

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Stephanie Holland called the nonprofit a “God send” after using the service during the pandemic. Her husky, Coco, stayed with a foster family for three months after Holland lost her job in 2020 and moved from Philadelphia to Atlanta.

“I needed somewhere for me and Coco to be. Many homes aren’t equipped for dogs, especially when their owners are looking for help,” said Holland.

Temporary housing solutions like extended-stay hotels, homeless shelters, or even friends’ and families’ homes don’t always allow pets. Some pet owners are forced to give up their animals to pet shelters after falling into tough times.

Cole Thaler, board president of Paws Between Homes, said the nonprofit has helped hundreds of families in the Atlanta area.

“Most renters are pet owners, and the pet is a cherished part of that family,” said Thaler. “Eviction rates are high, rent has skyrocketed during covid, and there is not enough affordable housing to go around.”

Paws Between Homes provides food, toys, vaccinations, litter boxes, and anything else a foster family might need. The goal is to reunite pups and their “parents” in 90 days or less.

“Someone can take care of those pets get them up to date on shots, provide food and supplies,” explained Thaler. “And when the family signs their new lease, they can get their pet back and have a happy reunion.”

Most people, including Holland, discover the nonprofit on Facebook. Facebook is also the best way to donate to the nonprofit. Holland said she received videos or pictures of Coco every day he was with the foster family.

More than a year after first sending Coco to foster care, Holland and her best friend play fetch in her South Fulton backyard.

“I needed a bridge, and they allowed me to have that bridge and keep my baby,” she said. “If you speak what you need, people have the opportunity to help.”

Paws Between Homes is looking for more foster families with open homes and open hearts. To apply click here.

To learn more about Paws Between Homes or to request aid, visit their website.

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