Atlanta is still ticketing drivers despite removing ‘No Parking’ signs

Atlanta Municipal Traffic Court is unable to provide records for the number of drivers improperly ticketed.
Published: Nov. 4, 2022 at 12:21 PM EDT|Updated: Nov. 8, 2022 at 3:03 PM EST
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ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) - Brady Avenue is a well-known cut-through street on Atlanta’s Upper Westside, sitting between Howell Mill Road and West Marietta Street.

Just outside Northside Tavern, there are three on-street parking spaces that drivers use daily. Drivers who park there also get ticketed daily by ATLPlus, the private agency that issues citations for the city of Atlanta.

Atlanta News First Investigates made open records request for the number of citations improperly issued at that location, but Atlanta Municipal Court’s records department says the information is unavailable.

If ATLPlus issues three citations per day, multiplied by 260 workdays, it equals $58,500 collected from drivers who were legally parked.

Atlanta News First learned about the improper citations from a Buckhead resident who received a citation in March.

“To me, the signage as it sits seems to apply to the area in front and not behind,” Eli Zandman said.

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Zandman is referring to a “No Parking” sign posted more than 50 feet away. A Google Maps image taken last February shows there were additional signs posted for approved parking where the tickets are being issued, but the approved parking signs were removed.

A spokesperson for the city’s department of transportation (DOT) confirmed the signs’ removal at the request of the Upper West Side’s Community Improvement District (CID).

Eli Zandman was confident he had parked legally. Atlanta News First found he in fact did.
Eli Zandman was confident he had parked legally. Atlanta News First found he in fact did.(WANF, Google Maps)

But when Atlanta News First contacted the CID, executive director Elizabeth Hollister said, “the CID installed a cycle track on the north and west side of Brady Avenue this year. As part of the project coordination, we alerted the city when it was time for the city to move the parking meters from the north/west side of Brady Avenue to the south/east side of Brady Avenue.

“However, our CID did not oversee the implementation of this transition of the metered parking or the placement of signage,” Hollister said.

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After Atlanta New First’s investigation aired in September, the DOT removed the remaining “No Parking” sign, but ATLPlus continues to ticket drivers.

“I saw it and I thought it was unfair. I was confused,” said Gerard Cartwright, who added he had checked for signage and had parked there previously. “They’re just doing whatever they can to make whatever money they can.” Cartwright filed an online appeal with ATLPlus.

After Atlanta News First Investigates pushed for answers, a DOT representative said, “At the request of the city we would be more than happy to put them (parking spaces) back.”

In addition, Atlanta News First Investigates asked if those drivers who were improperly ticketed will receive refunds.

Antwan Harris, a senior public information specialist for the DOT, said, “If someone feels they were issued a citation in error then there is an adjudication process per the city ordinance and allows for a 14-day appeal window.”

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